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Benefits of Staying Active

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Staying active is key to maintaining your health and summertime is a great time to be engaging in physical activity. Who wants to stay inside all day when the sun is shinning so gloriously outside?! I’m certain most people would rather be outside walking, running, hiking, rock climbing in the sun, than sitting behind a desk for 8+ hours, but there are more benefits to being active than developing a (hopefully sunscreen protected) tan.

Importance of Staying Active

America’s obesity rate is through the roof and more and more people are suffering from it. Keeping active can lower blood pressure by raising good cholesterol levels. It also helps build stronger bones and muscles.

For instance, weight-bearing activities like walking makes bones stronger. Physical activity also increases flexibility, which makes overall movement much easier.

Weight Loss

Maintaining of level of activity helps you lose weight and mean you’re less at risk for health problems associated with obesity like heart attacks and strokes. Proper exercise can also help you sleep better and gain more energy.

Mental Benefits

Staying active is important in a healthy lifestyle. Physical activities like running can be a great way to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Work off daily stresses with a good run or a kick-boxing class.

For more ways to stay active check out our Specialty Classes.