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Workout for Your Body Type

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Everybody is different, so not the same types of workouts will give amazing results for every person. Working out should be something that’s customized and unique to fit your own style and body type. An intense session of Zumba may be a fun fat burning experience for one person, but a counter-productive muscle tear experience for another. To better understand the types of workouts you should be doing it’s important you understand your body type!
There are 3 body types: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph.

Ectomorphs are people that are usually described as “tall, thin, and lanky.” These types of bodies are known for their extremely high metabolism and stringy muscles. This is the body type that by far has the most difficult time trying to gain weight.
Types of Workouts for Ectomorphs: It’s suggested that this body type doesn’t indulge in cardio because of the amount of calories their bodies’ burn naturally. (If you don’t want to quit spin or what have you, it’s OK to do twenty minutes two or three times a week, but try not exceed that amount.) That being said, ectomorphs should basically be eating all the time. Seven small meals a day including one before bed! As for exercise, this body type is the perfect candidate for intense yet short workouts that are focused on strength training. You know that guy in the free-weights area that lifts an insane weight but only does 10 reps? He’s probably an ectomorph getting those muscles to bulk up! Just remember to take a sixty second break between these intense exercises.
Ah, mesomorphs. The ideal. Naturally athletic and hard body muscle. This body type finds it a breeze to either gain or lose weight depending on what their end goal is. Often, professional body builders are mesomorphs due to their ability to gain and loose easily.
Types of Workouts for Mesomorphs: This body type can get away with either cardio or strength but usually gets better results with strength training. Though the types of workout isn’t as important as it might be for other body types, this body type needs to watch their calorie intake. Just as they can gain muscle easily they can also gain fat easily. (But can lose it right away too. Talk about a roller coaster!)
Lastly, the Endomorphs. This is the body type that is pretty common and are probably at the gym to lose weight. This body type as a low metabolism that allows them to gain fat easily. But! There is an upside, their muscles are also naturally stronger because of their thickness.
Types of Workouts for Endomorphs: Cardio, Cardio, Cardio. Cardio keeps the endomorph’s body fat in check. But, you want muscle to show after the fat is lost, right? Make sure to incorporate some light weight lifting as well.

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