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3 Benefits of Working with a Personal Trainer from the Beginning of Your Fitness Regime

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I’m not completely new to training, however, this is the first time I’ve been able to have a personal trainer consistently throughout my regime. I would normally wait until I’d lost some weight until I asked for help. After 6 weeks, I recognized some big benefits to working out with Sports Mall trainer Bobbi from the beginning. Here are some of the benefits you might not have considered:Benefits of working with personal trainer

  1. They can tell you things about your body you’d never know otherwise: I know I’m flexible, but it takes other people to help you recognize how much of a strength some of your talents are. After Bobbi stretched me out, I have now been compared to rubber, and I’ve been placed in stretches that could have qualified me for my first yoga class. They can also tell you what a reasonable size for your body structure is. This helps keep your goals in perspective. Do keep in mind this “informing” works both ways. She also calculated my body fat percentage. No amount of avoiding the scale can calm that sting, but it sure was a powerful motivator to watch what I’m eating.
  2. Your form while crunching is probably wrong: Did you know you weren’t supposed to lace your hands together when crunching? I didn’t. In 10+ years of working out no one had ever told me that before Bobbi. My new and improved form gave me supremely sore abdominals (It’s working!) and a new and improved rep record—only 3 more as of now, but I’m counting my blessings.
  3. They will be your encouragement when you can’t be: I like to believe I can fight my way out of situations, but after taking the stairs two at a time three times in a row the only thing I could fight for was breath. I honestly thought I was fitter than that, which led to some severe mental abuse on my part. Alone, this has the potential to make me quit. With Bobbi, she always acknowledges my accomplishments—even when they’re not where I think they should be—and moves me onto the next task. She spots me on weights I’d never be able to finish, and I know this has sped my improvement.

There is something to be said for having a support system. I’m supremely grateful that mine also happens to have both the athletic knowledge and the encouragement.

About the Author: Ashley Hasna is a movie, book, and food lover (hence the needing to shed some inches) who loves to work with social media. Despite eating healthy, she still loves brownies. Follow her on Twitter.