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Club Ops Manager

Member Services

NOTE: Regarding Dues and your Membership.
Dues: The purchase of a “membership” and the payment of dues at the Sports Mall allow a member the “right to access” the Sports Mall. Whether the member chooses to come to the club every day, or whether the member chooses not to come at all during a particular month, the “right to access” the club has not changed. Though we hope members will make regular use of the club, the dues charged have no relation to the frequency of your attendance during a month. Requests for refunds or credits because you didn’t come to the club, will not be honored.  All requests to change your membership status or structure MUST be in writing….and email is recommended (so we both have a record).  Email me your requests at

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You don’t need to have a paypal account to use this service, just a credit card.  The transaction is processed securely on-line via

Guest Rules and Uses

Guests accompanying members will be charged a fee of $8.00 ($6.00 for students guests accompanied by a member).  Guests attending the Sports Mall without a sponsoring member will be charged a fee of $20.00.

“Punch Passes:”

  • Members may purchase a package of 10 prepaid guest fee passes in order to host non member guests for:
    • $70 for any age non-member guest accompanied by you.
    • $50 for any child/student under 21 years old.
  • We have discontinued selling 10 punch passes to non-members. Sorry, but we are a club for the benefit of our members and their guests.

General Policies for Children in the club.

Sports Mall is a Family Club and we encourage you to enjoy lots of family time with your kids at the club.  For your kids’ safety and for the enjoyment of all members:

  • Children under 16 should not be brought to the club if  not supervised.  Children under 16 may enter the club without a supervising adult if they are registered for supervised programs at the Sports Mall (i.e. Jr Tennis, Swimming Lessons, etc).  Children under 16 who are in the club unsupervised may be asked to call home and wait in the lobby until they can be retrieved or supervised in the club.  Please don’t drop your children off at the club to “hang out” expecting Sports Mall to substitute for day care.
  • Once your member child reaches 16 years old, they can obtain their own barcode tag and enter the club on their own.
  • The upstairs fitness areas are restricted.  Children under 14 are not allowed upstairs.  Children of 14-15 years of age are allowed only when supervised.
  • The Adult Weight Room is for Adults only (20+ years old) at all times.  No Teens or Children, even if supervised.  Teens are welcome in the teen weight room.
  • The Tot Spot’s purpose is to provide child care for your young children of 3 months old to 8 years old while you are in the club.  It is not a drop off child care service.

Membership Change Forms


Interested in Membership? Contact Kenny Clayton or Bryson Ostler at:

801-261-3426 option 3 or email:


5445 South 900 East
Murray, Utah 84117
Phone: 801-261-3426