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Peggy B Group Fitness Director

Peggy B
Group Fitness Director

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This Joseph Pilates’ method of mental and physical condition will emphasize core strength, muscular balance, breathing, flexibility, and concentration. Modifications will be offered. All fitness levels are welcome.


This Joseph Pilates’ method of mental and physical condition emphasizes core strength, muscular balance, breathing, and concentration. Special attention will be applied to beginning movements and progression. Various props may be used.


The Pilates I, Joseph Pilates’ method is used with an added emphasis on self-challenge. A higher level of exercise difficulty will be shown and modifications will be offered.


Pilates is often referred to as a mind/body/form of exercise. Pilates is a process, with the main goal being postural correction and enhancement of performance.

The perfect complement to your aerobic & fitness program, the benefits of Pilates are:
Greater ability to focus.
Feelings of serenity, invigoration, and self awareness.
Muscle toning and strengthening,
Increased flexibility.
An evenly conditioned body.
Slows the effects of aging.
Improved balance.
In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference
In 20 sessions you’ll see the difference
In 30 sessions you’ll have a new body

“It is the mind itself which builds the body.” ~ Joseph Pilates

Single sessions are available at $20 (member) and $22 (non-member) through our customer service desk at 801-261-3426.

To schedule private individual or private group sessions or to inquire about Pilates, call Peggy at 801-243-6380.


Interested in Membership? Contact Kenny Clayton or Bryson Ostler at:

801-261-3426 option 3 or email:


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