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Linda S
Ride Commander



Heart Rate Training at its best.  Base building, Strength Training, Interval training or a full on Race Day can be expected!  Be ready to be taken thru your paces as you enjoy a 55 minute class that will use percentages of max heart rates and perceived exertion.  Heart Rate monitors are encouraged.


Take your ride to the next level with power-based  wattage training!  Our bikes provide new and experienced riders with real-time measurements of individual effort for greater efficiency and results. This is a great tool for beginners as well as advanced riders and makes the ride more fun and rewarding.


Clear your head and get in the zone with a ride that will get your heart pumping and your legs burning.  This class will challenge your strength and endurance with non-stop interval drills to awesome music! Feel the endorphins free your mind in this high intensity workout.


The instructor will teach any of the listed formats, or maybe bring back the All Terrain, Energy Zones, or Hills formats.  Be prepared for anything and modify accordingly.


**Note:  Participants in all classes are invited to ride at your own pace and within your own medical and other guidelines.  Please inform your instructor if you have questions or particular conditions that we should keep in mind. If you are not sure of your setup we are happy to help you ride at the recommended seat position and knee angles.  

***PST (personal spinning threshold) Tests will be held in ROAD WARRIOR CLASSES during the first week of the month at the Instructor’s discretion, unless there are new, untested riders.  In that event, the watts testing will always be held to support our new riders.

Spinning Etiquette:

  • Arrive 10 minutes early and plan to stay for the entire class.
  • Leave your cell phone home, in the car, in a locker, not in the room.
  • Water bottles and a towel are required.
  • Gel seat or biking shorts recommended.
  • Heart rate monitors are recommended.


Interested in Membership? Contact Kenny Clayton or Bryson Ostler at:

801-261-3426 option 3 or email:


5445 South 900 East
Murray, Utah 84117
Phone: 801-261-3426