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Peggy B  Group Fitness Director

Peggy B
Group Fitness Director

Studio Classes

Meet Our Fitness Class Instructors!

Dance Fitness

Experience the benefits of dance and fitness! Dance for fun…dance to improve your timing and coordination…dance for increased flexibility. Dance to relax, dance for toning and body sculpting…dance to have a strong healthy body! Dance technique emphasized through isolations and choreographed tracks.


BollyX is a Bollywood-inspired dance-fitness program combining exhilarating choreography and intensive workouts with upbeat music from around the world. The 50 minute cardio workout cycles between higher-and-lower-intensity sequences to deliver a total body workout. It is gender neutral without a lot of hip-hop movement. Join us soon for your Bollywood experience.


Our most popular strength training class offers a challenge for all fitness levels.  A combination of dumbbells, bars, balls, tubing or the bosu will be used.


A combination of cardio and resistance training.  May include step or high-low cardio with balls, weights, tubing and bands for strength.


A combination class of high intensity cardio with endurance eight exercises.  This class is designed for all levels of fitness.  You can adjust the intensity or modify the difficulty of the workout.  The class is 45 min.


Step classes offer varying choreography and intensity.  Step I for beginners to moderately experienced.  Step II for more confident “steppers.”


High intensity training that requires no experience (but low inhibitions and a taste for FUN).  Salsa, Tango, Merengue, Cumbia, Hip-Hop, Rock, and a bit of belly-dancing.


This dance fitness class is for everyone wanting an easy to follow, high energy workout with hot music of all urban genres.  It fuzes funk and hip hop musical styles and HIT training.  the movements progress and intervals are added throughout the hour.

Beyond the Barre (BTB)

Beyond the Barre is a total body workout that lifts your seat, tones your thighs, and burns fat in record breaking time.  For men and women who want an effective total body workout overloading each muscle group, combined with stretching for relief.


All levels of cardio and strength designed to burn calories and tone the entire body.


Pilates Level 1

The Pilates Method, introduced by Joseph Pilates, is taught from the beginning using his fundamentals and principals of movement.  Pilates emphasizes corer strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance.

Pilates Level 2

As in Pilates 1, this class is taught with an emphasis on key movements, but “kicked up a notch.”  Attending 10 Pilates Level 1 classes is recommended.


Therapeutic Yoga

New to yoga?  Blessed with stiffness?  Have fun, increase flexibility and experience relaxation of the body and mind through movement and breathing techniques.

Yoga Level 1

This is a moderately paced class an dstudents continue to build awareness, strength, skill and focus.  It is helpful to have completed several Intro to Yoga classes, but is not required.  Students of all levels will find this class accessible.  Modifications are given to make practice accessible to all students.

Yoga Level 2

Yoga experience encouraged.  Students should have a basic awareness of yoga postures and their own bodies’ limitations, and be willing to modify accordingly.  Various hand balances, arm balances and postures that required more strength are explored.  Postures are often held for longer periods of time to increase strength and concentration.

Yoga Level 3

In this class, all types of postures are explored in greater depth (we go yoga nuts in this class).  Postures are explored from various vantage points-holding for longer periods of time, to achieve greater flexibility and strength, and for developing enhanced poise while executing more strenuous poses.  This is the heart of yoga practice.  Yoga nirvana doesn’t happen until you can master Yoga Level 3.


Restorative yoga allows the body to stretch and open within a pose by using props such as bolsters, blankets and straps for support allowing deep and therapeutic relaxation. Restorative poses refresh, renew and nurture the body and mind.  This peaceful, recuperative class is appropriate for all skill levels and those recovering from illness or injury.


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