Salt Lake Valley's Elite
Private Family Athletic and Racquet Club

What’s New at the Sports Mall:

  • Click Here to review general guidelines for kids.

  • Unlimited tanning passes available for $19/mo.

    • Tanning passes are a “dues element,” and will be billed every calendar month to the primary member – thus the primary member must authorize for any family member.
    • Unlimited tanning passes cannot be shared with others on (or off) of your membership – pass price is per person.
    • Health Dept regulates frequency of use.  Members may not use tanning beds multiple times within a 48 hour window.
    • New tanning bulbs have been installed.  Session times will be reduced from 16 to 10 minutes (so the new bulbs won’t over-fry yer’ bacon).
  • From the Desk Staff:

    • Please bring your barcode tag to check-in at the desk.  If you forget, kindly be prepared to step away from the gate entrance, and patiently wait for the desk staff to check you in manually (when it’s your turn to have their attention).  If you want to get in quick, bring your barcode tag with you.
  • Click here to review Facility updates in Rich’s world (Rich is our physical facilities manager).

  • Click Here to pay your account balance with

    • Many members have started to use the convenience of this service.
    • You don’t need to have a paypal account to use this service, just a credit card.  The transaction is processed securely on-line via
    • If you prefer to pay with paypal, but not using the above link, make your payment to and make reference to the billed member’s name and barcode tag#.


Interested in Membership? Contact Kenny Clayton or Bryson Ostler at:

801-261-3426 option 3 or email:


5445 South 900 East
Murray, Utah 84117
Phone: 801-261-3426