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New Year, Better Body

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After a month of hibernating in the pantry, eating dozens of sugar cookies and slices of honey-glazed ham, the month of January hits and we all realize that it would take a miracle to fit back into our skinny jeans.


Before, you’ve probably done a couple of cheesy home workout videos or read something online that had “20 Steps To A Newer You.” Although they might have helped begin your workout, we’ve all turned off the video 10 minutes in, or have given up at “Step 7.”


This year, perhaps the focus to your skinny jean bind is that you simply need a bit of a push, a way to stay motivated, and a plan to be consistent.


Lessons & Classes


To get motivated for your 2013 body, a lesson or a class could be just the trick to shred the pounds.  Whether you dare to dance, sweat in spinning, or need to perk up with Pilates, a class could be just what you need to get enthusiastic about exercising. Working out with a group of people is a great way to push yourself further and it motivates you to complete your workout.



If you see the new year with a fresh body, then you might as well have a renewed mind. Pilates emphasizes on self-challenge for both the body and the mind. The exercises help dilute the stresses from your everyday life, and will give you greater ability to focus. If you struggle with injuries, the workout is very therapeutic and will help strengthen your body and posture. With four different classes, begin your journey this year with a better attitude and the arms of Jennifer Aniston.



If you can’t bear to do another crunch, pull-up, or if the word “treadmill” makes your knees buckle, water classes may be just what you’re looking for. With Water Exercise Training classes, you can get both cardio and strength training all in one class, without stressing your joints. Water workouts will also increase your heart rate more than normal cardio exercises, making you work harder in less time.



Personal Training

If you’re looking for a cut body and the group sessions are slowing you down, personal training can get you the attention you need for your new bod.  With scheduled sessions where your trainer depends on you to come, you are more likely to show up, making your workout procrastination almost none.  If you enjoy working out on your own, but are unsure of what exercises work for the body you want, a personal trainer is a great starting step into the new year, and your skinny jeans.

By, Jessica Doucette